Building Information Systems


Website Design and Maintenance


BISYS will develop your website to project the message that your company is interested in conveying to the people that visit your site. One of the most important elements in website design and maintenance is to capture the message the business is trying to communicate. Whether your website is describing an area of interest evolving from your company, the focus of an organization or a series of points outlining the philosophy of a multinational cooperation; a Web Master will meet with you and discuss the necessary layers of detail to fully understand the purpose and objective of your website. 

As the design of your Website unfolds our aim is to increase the knowledge and awareness of your business and promote a stronger public image. One of the tools is to understand your target audience and aim for a particular mindset. Are the majority of your visitors technical, artistic, or people-oriented? What are their skills and interest? What level of education have they obtained. Do your customers respond to detail text or do they respond to color, style, and visual metaphors.

The primary goal when BISYS designs a Website is to create a site that is a meeting place for a community of people with an interest in your products and information. Your site will become a “must see” for the online community, making your Website a viable resource and a place for everyone to visit and interact.